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in seconds take your staff

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keep in mind galleries remains here up to 2 months

choose from the galleries bellow

To download photos one by one follow the steps bellow

step 1 : choose a gallery you wish to open

step 2 : after you click it a new window will appear, click open

step 3 : give a password to have access

step 4 : when you give the pass click open the photos will appear

step 5 : choose the photos you like to download and click the cloud button for that

To download all photos by once follow the steps bellow

step 1 : Go to the cloud up and right / step 2 : Click it / step 3 : A new window will appear / step 4 : Give your email /step 5: At the section above the mail choose the photos you wish to get /step 6 : A download link it will be sent to your email

To get all photos from your mail

step 1 : Go to your email / step 2 : search for the mail witch have the link / step 3 : Click download / step 4 : the photos will download in to your computer